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At Alatus, the number one priority is always the player, and whether they're enjoying the server or not. This means our team have really tried our hardest to make this the most enjoyable server you've ever played. We guarantee to not only offer the best content, but also to make sure it's what the player wants. We achieve this by polling all our big updates so we can stay true to our promise of caring about the player. At Alatus, what you want matters. If you suggest something, we will always reply to it and its likely we will put it to a community poll. You could suggest something on a Monday and see it in game by Wednesday. That's how much control you get as a player.

[Server] Updates 2nd August 2016

Posted on 02/08 by Stealth

We have some absolutely brilliant updates for you all today! Firstly to kick this excellent update thread off I'd like to show off our brand new boss, the Queen Black Dragon!
That's not all though we also have a huge and important announcement which will affect all players. Recently, we've decided to...

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How to Keep Your Account Secure

Posted on 29/07 by Harry

Greetings Alatians. Thankfully, we don't have much of an issue with account security here however it's worth mentioning that some servers are not as secure as us. In this post I will be outlining how to stay secure online when it comes to RSPS.

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Construction Update

Posted on 28/07 by Nicholas

Finally the long awaited Construction skill has finally arrived at Alatus. It is not 100% complete yet and we are relying on you, the players, to do a lot of testing for us. We think we've got most of the big issues and glitches sorted out, so we're looking for people to find the small things we may have overlooked. You can start Construction by talking to the Estate Agent at Falador.

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[Website] Updates 24/07/2016

Posted on 24/07 by Symp

Greetings Alatians.
Today I bring you a brilliant set of website updates that I'm sure you'll all be extremely happy with! It's important to note that these go into effect the day after tomorrow as I'm stealing handling a few things with the forums. Once they are in effect you'll be able to enjoy them to your hearts content!

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